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Quick News/Notes: (3/6) 

A few things of note:

  • Visitors from the MSSA Conference session on Transitions? Enjoy this "world premiere" free download of musician Dan Hylton's song Failing Fearlessly, which was featured in the presentation! The actual Legendary Seasides won't be released for a few months, but enjoy this freebie today! (and while you're here today, please sign up for our email over to the right)
  • Dan, also a basketball enthusiast, was interviewed on the (mostly) basketball podcast The Awkward Bounce on March 4. In it, he actually opens up about Tourtette's Syndrome, gives a couple of MN Timberwolf opinions, and talks a little music. Perhaps most notably (from a Southern Resident Killer Whales standpoint) is that an early mixdown of the song Failing Fearlessly is played, in its entirety, right near the end of the show. Listen at SoundCloud or iTunes.
  • We're currently taking a couple-month break from shows in order to intensify work on the The Legendary Seasides EP continues. Almost all the guitar parts are done. Moving onto final vocals and a lot of clean-up stuff. Hope to post a link to a rough cut or two soon!
  • Our drummer, Krista, teaches music in South Minneapolis. See her awesome new website at kristajohnsonmusicteacher.com!

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